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At the beginning of our cooperation, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your product offering in terms of sales on selected markets (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Zalando) and in the relevant product categories. Based on the information received from you regarding production costs, the possibility of product modification, and achievable product supply volumes, we draw a profitability curve over time.

Product Management


The final result of this stage is a report containing an analysis of the competition, proposals for improving the product offer, an analysis of the individual sales channel potential, and the long- and short-term financial forecast within the chosen parameters. Combined with the marketing plan, this report will be a guideline for further actions, as well as a reference point for assessing the effectiveness of taken actions.

A Sale Like No Other


In today's reality of constantly increasing consumption and unlimited numbers of products at every possible quality, price, and style, it is extremely difficult to find the right market niche.

Market Analysis

The methodology we use to address this begins with observing customers' reactions to products similar to yours; we then work on improving the features of our product in areas that are most important to the recipients, yet have been neglected by competitors.

Ideal Offer

In order for this strategy to bring the expected results, sales communication should be conducted in such a way that the customer will clearly notice the unique features of our products. This set of features encompasses the unique value of our proposition.


Preparing the Product

Even the most perfect idea or the best-made product is not enough to achieve sales success, especially in a new, unknown, foreign market. It is a complex process, and any missing detail—even if minor—can result in the breakdown of the entire sales machine.
In Heyday Brands we make sure that no stage of product preparation for a new market debut is neglected. We cover all necessary aspects:
The spectrum of product related activities which we cover consists of branding, certification, technical specification, single and set packaging, product descriptions, and instructions in at least five basic languages ​​(English, Spanish, German, French and Italian). We also cover the necessary input for promotional materials: product photos (catalog, lifestyle, 360) and video materials.
Our success comes from our detailed knowledge, creativity, craftsmanship, and hard work. Market expansion can be scary and overwhelming, especially when the effects are not yet clearly visible; consistency and professionalism keep the risk of failure at a minimum.