"Our experience shows that this mixed solution is extremely effective in terms of reach and engagement and often turns out to be very cost-effective"
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Even the best product will remain unnoticed on the shelves if it’s not properly promoted. The key members of our team are experienced creative marketing specialists who can create an attractive brand image and make your product visible in a massive online marketplace.
At present, social media serves as the primary channel to reach preferred consumers. Social media’s massive reach enables us to quickly and efficiently build your product image and brand awareness in the selected market. Daily social content is largely responsible for future purchasing decisions in modern consumers, so you need to make the best possible use of these resources.
The marketing message we propose consists of our own in-house made promotional materials and content developed in cooperation with influencers; influencers can significantly increase brand recognition and help reach your target audience. Since influencers are seen as authority figures, their recommendation makes both the product and brand more attractive and trustworthy to consumers.
"We Know That the Future of Selling is in Social Networks"

Social Networks

One of the most popular social networks channels today is Instagram, with over 500 million users every day. Aesthetic photos showing products in everyday situations are exceptionally effective when it comes to influencing a consumer's subconscious. In addition, properly selected hashtags allow you to reach your preselected group of target customers (people who may be most interested in buying your product).
Another important platform is Facebook; due to Facebook Marketplace, it has become a sales channel. Apart from the brand website, it is one of the most frequently checked data sources about a brand and product, as well as a fast and unobtrusive way to communicate with customers. The portal has over two billion active users spending several hours a day browsing; this is why perfect creation and continued maintenance of a Facebook product page is an extremely important element in our marketing campaign.
YouTube is also a popular website where consumers search for information about a product. YouTube displays over a billion hours of video materials every day. Preparing perfect spots, product presentations, or even instructional videos increases the brand's credibility and has a great impact on its image. Moreover, this portal offers many interesting advertising options.
We also have vast experience in promoting brands on Pinterest, where hundreds of thousands of people are looking for inspiration and shopping. We have a more professional approach to business and brand presentation on LinkedIn. The profiles we run become dynamic operation channels for communication with potential distributors, investors, and contractors. For a similar purpose, we will also support your Twitter account, which is very popular among certain groups of potential customers.
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"At the End of the Day, Profit Counts"

The Heyday Brands

The Heyday Brands team is up to date with all of the most effective and modern techniques and marketing tools. We set up and run Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, the basic advertising tool for this platform. We constantly monitor profits and we frequently optimize our ad campaigns.
We can also prepare the main company website, which will become the basis for your brand image and the best source of information for customers from around the world. We will secure the appropriate domain and optimize the website for search engines using the best SEO techniques. The overall effect of our work will be a clear, responsive, and pleasant-to-read website.
We also know how to ensure good visibility of your website in the most popular search engines (i.e., Google). On a daily basis, we use data obtained from Google Analytics and other similar sources; additionally, we invest in Google ADS campaigns. The advertising plans we create are always incredibly efficient and catered towards tracking ROI.
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We use state-of-the-art solutions, but we also do not forget about the old and very popular digital marketing method: mailing. We are constantly expanding your customer base and we maintain constant contact. We make sure that your brand and specific product is well remembered by prospective customers; we are dedicated to helping your products become frequently purchased customer favorites.