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You probably agree that it is better to prevent potential crises than to act in panic when they actually happen. Therefore, in cooperation with our partners, we place great emphasis on a comprehensive approach to logistics. After all, one weak link can break the entire extensive chain in the complex sales process. Expanding into and maintaining presence in new markets requires perfect preparation, organization, and anticipation of all possible complications. Even in the current world of quick and sophisticated communications, it’s difficult to counter potential crises in a timely manner and in a foreign language from the other side of the pond.
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By integrating the management and logistics processes, we can guarantee efficient and consistent deliveries. Thanks to the cooperation of proven partners in Europe and the United States, we are able to implement long-term product buffering systems and optimal methods of storing and transporting large-size products. The solutions we use are perfect not only for selling in Amazon marketplaces, but also for most other online and traditional channels. There is no need to have separate warehouse, logistics, and sales systems.

Efficiency from the moment goods are picked up from the original local warehouse

Customs clearance

Transportation to a cost-effective destination warehouse

Delivery to the door of the end customer

Napoleon used to say that amateurs analyze tactics, professionals analyze logistics.
We agree!

As you know, Brexit has complicated and broken many supply chains in e-commerce, especially in the European Union. While working with us, you can be sure that such turbulences in the field of international trade and logistics won’t affect your sales significantly, and your customers will always be fully satisfied.
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