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Legal Information

We have knowledge of local legal requirements due to our many years of practical experience in the European Union and the United States. We also are familiar their local marketplace requirements; through our logistics partners, we are in accordance with local labeling and product packaging and shipping requirements.

Legal Regulations

An integral part of the process of preparing a product to enter a foreign market is the comprehensive check of all legal regulations currently in force. The report prepared separately for each product group will take into account all local requirements that must be met and—most importantly—indicate optimal solutions for meeting local regulations. Once we have the report ready, we will help you implement necessary changes quickly and without unnecessary hassle.
What we do


Local experts cooperating with us in the European Union, (France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany & other), Great Britain, and the United States are extremely experienced in solving formal and legal issues in these markets. Depending on the selected business model, these may include:

Company registration

Product registration and certification



Tax Registration in a Given Market



Local experts cooperating with us in the European Union, (France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany & other), Great Britain.

Company registration

Depending on the adopted strategy, the best solution may be to create a new legal entity on the local market or to register an existing US enterprise in the destination country in all offices and registers where it is required.

Product registration
and certification

In many industries there is a need to register or certify certain types of products (e.g., supplements, food) or to meet certain safety and quality standards. We will conduct a detailed audit, which will precisely define what formal and quality requirements a given group of products should meet in order to be fully compliant with the local legal requirements of a given market. In case of any deficiencies, our experts will prepare detailed instructions on what and how to do, and then support you in the necessary adjustments.


At present, market success also carries specific threats, especially from dishonest producers from the Far East, who are able to counterfeit any product. You can secure the brand by registering a trademark in the European Union (EUIPO) and in the United States (WIPO); it is also a requirement for effective sales in some marketplaces (e.g., Amazon).


In cooperation with proven patent attorneys, we will ensure full protection of our common interests in the European Union and around the world.

Tax Registration in a Given Market

Running a business in an unknown market can be a real nightmare. Working with us, you will have full support in this regard. We will register a given legal entity for all necessary local taxes (e.g. VAT in the EU or Sales Tax in the US) and obtain all the necessary registration numbers (e.g. EIN or EORI), and then we will make sure that all obligations resulting from registrations are fully completed on time.

Every market in the world is slightly different from another

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Every market has its own local requirements, such as customer service languages ​​or tax requirements. Without the right partner, starting a new market resembles walking through a minefield—you don’t really know where and when something will „explode”. This can keep many US companies with great business potential from braving foreign expansion.

Why us?

By collaborating with us, you can focus on the part of business that you do best and multiply your international profits without a headache. We take care of the rest.