Why Us

Imagine that you now have access to hundreds of millions of consumers in Europe. With us, this is easier than you think. There are only things that require expert knowledge, good ideas, flexibility, efficiency, courage, and collaboration with Heyday Brands.
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Since early age, Heyday Brands founders knew that their future is in international trading. Based on previous professional experience and great passion, the company was established to serve customers globally. Our experts began to gain experience and knowledge in the export and e-commerce market 15 years ago. During this time, we have worked with e-commerce industry leaders in the United States and many European countries. Our thorough knowledge of the market is supported by years of experience and accompanied by a constant thirst for knowledge. The support of our team will be especially useful now, when turmoil in traditional sales channels is changing the business almost overnight, and the e-commerce market is developing at an unprecedented scale.

a bit about how we work


This size of your company doesn’t matter; whether you are just starting with international markets or you already have an established position, your success is the most important thing to us. If your product passes our meticulous sales assessment, we will help you expand outside of the US. With our support, your products will reach millions of new customers in European markets and the increasingly strong Asian markets.
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how we work

Stages of operation

Thanks to the experience of our experts and the procedures developed over the years, our team doesn’t work in the dark. We keep business errors at a minimum. Heyday Brands’ operating model is a process of seven complementary steps.

Internal audit

Our experts will meet you and your team and learn about your company's products and current sales strategy. Based on the information received, we will compare your and our expectations; we will assess whether, to put it simply, our cooperation will benefit both parties. If so, we will present you with an action plan and a sales framework plan correlated with production capacity. The experience of our team guarantees the plan’s feasibility.

Formalities and legal procedures

In a combined effort with you, we will analyze all formal and legal aspects related to the sales process on foreign markets (company registration, registration of products and brands, taxes, etc.). We will let you know about any possible problems in a clear and understandable way, along with the solution.

Product development

We do not reinvent the wheel, but we will surprise you with ideas on how to make your product even better and emphasize its unique attractive features to consumers. In other words, we will analyze customer expectations and provide a list of potential improvements, along with resources for safe and aesthetically pleasing packaging, descriptions in foreign languages, graphics, photos, size charts, etc. We will also select proper product categories on Amazon and, if necessary, apply for permission to start selling in those categories which require approval.

Social media and marketing

Your customers won’t buy your products if they don’t know they exist. Therefore, in conjunction with the start of sales on a given market, we launch precisely planned and appropriately timed marketing activities. These include PPC, social media, web store, SEO, and mailing. We analyze them in terms of cost effectiveness in the medium and long term.


We will ship the properly calculated number of products to Amazon FBA warehouses in appropriate countries. At later stages, we use independent logistics operators to reduce costs for other sales channels. We constantly monitor stock levels at all warehouses.

Start of sales

We will launch and optimize sales support at the appropriate marketplace (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart). We will set up a system for handling returns, complaints, and customer inquiries. This is an extremely important step. Success at this stage will facilitate your further development.

Sales optimization

Our joint venture will begin when the first customers buy your products. We constantly supervise and manage sales processes to make sure that our joint venture stands out among the endless supply of products on Amazon.