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The e-commerce market is changing incredibly quickly. Traditional forms of selling are becoming a thing of the past and online sales are on the rise. To be successful, you must be flexible and open to change in order to follow industry trends and adapt to customer needs. Your customer base is not limited to you local market, there are potential consumers all around the world.
There are 7.8 billion people in the world. Did you know that over 26% of them shop online? This means there are over 2 billion potential customers for your brand in today’s market. You just need to reach them.

We will fit your needs!

It doesn’t matter what size of your company is, whether you are just entering international markets or you already have an established position.

Your product matters most.

If it has potential, we will help you promote it and sell it abroad. With our support your products will reach Western European markets as well as American markets and increasingly stronger Asian markets.

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About us

Business with no limits: why do we need each other?
Our experts began to gain experience and knowledge in the export and e-commerce market 15 years ago; we worked with the current global giant, Amazon, when it was merely an emerging company. Over the years, we have cooperated with industry leaders in Ireland, Great Britain, the United States and, of course, in Poland. Our thorough knowledge of the market is supported by many years of experience and a constant thirst for knowledge.
Want to sell abroad but don’t know where to start?
what we offer


High standard

We provide the highest possible standard of sales service.

Customer support

Contact and care 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.

Global possibilities

We make it possible for you to start sales in non-English speaking countries.

100% Guaranty

We offer after-sales services, including exchanges, returns, and warranty services.

Why you should hire us

The Heyday Method

Internal audit

We meet with you and your team to discuss business strategy and methods for collaboration. We present you with a business plan and sales framework correlated with the production capacity.

Formalities and legal procedures

Together, we will analyze the formal and legal aspects related to the sale of your products in foreign markets.

Product development

We will help you develop your products and emphasize their uniqueness. We will analyze the expectations and needs of your target market in order to discover ways to make your product even better.


We send products to Amazon FBA warehouses in individual countries and we constantly watch over the appropriate level of stocking. At later stages, in order to lower costs for other sales channels, we use independent logistics operators.

Social media and marketing

We will promote your brand! Simultaneously with the start of sales on a given market, we launch precisely planned and appropriately timed marketing activities, which include: PPC, social media, web store, SEO and e-mailing.

Start of sales

We launch sales support through promotional and advertising campaigns in the appropriate marketplace (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart). We set up a system for handling returns, complaints and customer inquiries.

Sales optimization

We supervise and manage the sales processes to make sure that our joint venture will be successful!

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Distribution Channels

For years we have focused on learning and acquiring knowledge regarding the development and operation of foreign markets. Market analysis provides us with sufficient knowledge to operate and effectively expand distribution channels. Our success comes from our constant desire to broaden our knowledge, creativity and hard work.
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